by Kevin Jackson, author & radio host,

As a person who relies on social media, I was overwhelmed at what I learned from the book. Literally from the moment I began reading, I started resetting my team's social media strategy. What a wealth of knowledge one can gain in a very short amount of time. Kudos to Annette (and Eva) for giving conservatives a blueprint for social media success!

​by Andrew Bemus, student, George Washington University 

Banking on her experience in social media and politics, Annette Read gives us a comprehensive yet accessible guide to conservative social media strategy. Explaining all the social media platforms in an easy-to-understand manner, Annette goes website by website explaining each one's usefulness and perks. If you want to better understand how conservatives are falling behind in social media and how they might catch up, this book is essential reading. No excuses.

by Mindy Patterson, President, The Cavalry Group

This book provides the recipe for winning! Whether you are running a corporation or a political campaign, this book is an essential read to achieve success and get ahead of the competition.

by Steve Shull, retired business executive

This book has come out at the perfect time. The subtitle, "Rethinking Conservative Activism and Social Media Strategy," says it all. The next two years are critical for conservatives, libertarians, independents, and other freedom loving and liberty-minded people. Liberals need not apply, please. Annette's timely and informative book is a game plan to winning in 2016. Please read and learn from this book--how we all need to implement and use social media--to WIN. Do it now! Time's up!

by Alexandra Salsman, young political activist 

All conservatives NEED this book. All activists NEED this book. All informed voters NEED this book. All candidates NEED this book. All Christians NEED this book! In it, you will find everything you need, from getting your legislator to hear you, to a STEP-BY-STEP, easy-to-follow guide to using Twitter. YES! You need a Twitter account! Find out exactly WHY and HOW with this book, and SO MUCH MORE! 

by Lloyd Sloan, former radio host

Over Christmas 2014, I read Annette's new book. I recommend picking up a copy for several reasons: 
1. It is an easy read. Well organized, to the point, well indexed, and good for reference. 18 chapters packed into 230 pages--so topics are introduced and covered quickly. 

2. If you like social media (especially Twitter), Annette is a great evangelist. If you are uneducated about social media, Annette is a great teacher. If you are afraid/skeptical/reluctant about social media (especially Twitter), Annette is a great hand-holder throughout. 

3. For a quick intro to Twitter, read chapters 2 and 5. I am a total Twitter skeptic. I learned a lot. 

by Rhonda Nikolaisen, small business owner

What a wealth of good, useful information for using #socialmedia. Great help! Thank you!

​by Kevin Harned, radio host

If you're wanting to use Twitter and social media to promote a cause or product, this book is a must. It was an easy read for being so informative!