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For most of 2016, Annette and their team were working 24/7 to build grassroots support in Missouri for Donald Trump for President. Congratulations President and First Lady Trump!!

​After Donald Trump won the primary, Annette contacted the state's GOP to ask where the Trump office(s) would be located in Missouri. She was told they would need to utilize statewide candidates' offices instead.

Annette was convinced that Mr. Trump, the Republican Presidential nominee, deserved a dedicated office--at the very least--in the largest city in Missouri. If not, how would Trump supporters react to another perceived rejection by the party? How would undecided voters in Missouri even be swayed by the so-called phenomenon of support for Donald Trump? Annette offered to provide all volunteers to staff an office and donations for all office expenses. The answer was still no.

Within days, Annette had secured three different locations in the St. Louis area for the purpose of a dedicated volunteer office. The office at Gravois Bluffs shopping center in Fenton, MO was ultimately chosen and a sizeable deposit was raised from Trump supporters who believed in her vision. In an effort to promote unity, Annette asked Rene Artman, Vice Chair of the St. Louis County Republican Central Committee to co-sign the lease while agreeing to let Annette and Diane Neff retain control of its day-to-day operations.

​The grassroots office, independent of the party and official campaign, was the only office of its kind in the nation. Thousands of people contacted or visited the office to volunteer, attend an event, pick up yard signs, or even ask if we had information on Mr. Trump's platform. 

Annette and Diane were honored to meet then-President Elect Donald Trump last September when he even invited them to visit for a short time on Trump Force One. Additional pics are on the Photos page.  

​Diane Neff, Annette Read, Jennifer Bird, John Hancock, Todd Abrajano,

Aaron Willard, Derrick Good, Tim Jones, Representative Paul Curtman (MO)


Prior to entering the political field, Annette spent years volunteering at her church and sons' schools. She designed jewelry and sold it (along with vintage collectibles) online.

Annette got involved as a political activist in 2008. She began researching and writing on the topic of social media after discovering a huge disparity between the many social media-savvy Democrats and their equally abundant techno-challenged Republican counterparts in the 2010 elections. Clearly, social media and other digital tools were somewhat scarce elements in many conservative campaigns. She found countless books on social media and politics, but they were either too geeky or they didn't weave the digital universe with the campaign trail. Time's Up! is her inspiring and practical response. Guest author Eva Lovasco offers her perspective through the eyes of an active young conservative.

Whether you have an important message (political or not!) that's destined to go viral, or you simply want to reach a much larger audience, this book is sure to help you succeed. Time's Up! is the ultimate tutorial and go-to resource, helping to take Twitter from a useless feed of words and symbols to a phenomenal marketing tool with unlimited reach.

With the help of feedback from hundreds of activists and young Republicans, Annette covers other valuable and timely topics on political activism. Check out the Table of Contents and additional content on the "Time's Up" tab on the Home page).

Annette is married and resides in Chesterfield, Missouri. She has two grown sons and one granddaughter, Scout. The next campaign is always on the horizon! #TrumpPence2020